On God

On God

The purpose of this essay on God is to find out whether the behaviour and the attitude of mankind, with reference to God and because of that reason, is correct or necessary.

The first aim of the essay: Is it is necessary for people to tell people to save God, to clarify if God is one or several, in one form or with several forms, and to indulge in propaganda about it?.

            The second aim: Thoughts on God are disappearing from the people. Is it necessary to employ priests and gurus, paying them money for propagation of the idea of God—that he exists?

            Moreover, many atheists have appeared on the scene and their propaganda that God does not exist has resulted in the diminution of followers of religion. Therefore, many theists, believers, have come forth to propagate about God, the need to save God. Is this necessary?

            Again, should there be a temple for God?

            Should God have a wife?

            Does God have a sensual pleasure?

            Does God require prostitute, women who would give pleasure?

            Does God require offerings, food, jewels, clothes, paraphernalia, marriage, festivals and procession?

            Apart from these, are there any yardsticks for the actions and power of God? Or is he all powerful and responsible for everything?

            Is there any limit to his power and action? Or is there no limit?

            Would a person who knows the power of God, worry about saving God?

If a person truly believes from the depths of his heart that “There is an all-powerful God. Not an iota of anything could take place without his knowledge”, would he try to save God? If somebody were to say that there is no God, would he be very angry with him?

            There are people worrying about God, making propaganda about God. Among them have you come across any who in their conduct obey the dictates of God, do all things fearing God, are live showing fear, faith and respect in Godliness?

            If a person has faith in God, should he offer prayers to God and worship him?

            Even if a person has to offer prayers and worship, should there be a specific time, place, form, a sentence or prayer song?

            Also should God be given material offerings? If really there is God, and if there is real faith in God, are the different practices of people belonging to different religions required? –Leaving aside these questions, according to people who think that they are great scholars, that they are geniuses who know everything, “Whether God exists or not is a different matter. Only if you make people believe that there is an all-powerful God, people would live honestly, without harming others. Therefore, people must have a fear of God. That fear must not be removed.” Let us ponder over this. Thoughts about God, his qualities, his acts of judgements, ideas on terrible retribution in the form of miserable conditions in the hell, punishments like, providing the fate of a person whereby he would suffer degrading miseries in his next birth, or some getting great pleasures of liberation, higher births, previous births’ good deeds paving the way for countless pleasures subsequently, God’s words to guarantee such benefits, very intelligent creative and imaginary writing of veda, sastra, purana etc.have all been instilled in the minds across over thousands of years: Still, till now a very large number of people, almost all people, do not live honestly, without exploiting or exercising control over others or are not able to enjoy great pleasures above ordinary human beings. If it is analysed why it happens like that or whether fear of God instilled has led to any benefit accruing to people, even the argument that ‘the idea of God is needed for the proper of conduct of man’, loses its validity and efficacy.

Because we find that not only the poor, uneducated, unintelligent behave without proper conduct, honesty and truthfulness, but very educated, wealthy, people who occupy high posts and positions, very great devotees, religious leaders as well act similarly, without exception. Therefore, it becomes apparent and very clear that there is no connection between faith in God and high conduct and good character. If we ask a question as to why should a form be given to God, we are told:

            “Ignorant, foolish common people cannot comprehend the concept of form-(formlessness) of God. Accordingly, God is shown in a form, and in order that form remains to instil in people great fear and slavish mentality, figures of God are filled with many terrible attributes, showing God as belonging to high caste, in order to create faith, such forms are given to God by intelligent people.” If we think about this explanation also, its uselessness, ignorance and conspiracy will easily become clear.

            Generally, it must have been about 2,000 or 3,000 years when forms were given to God and worshipping began to take place in our country. That is, it can be said that we have been having Gods with forms since the days when the Aryans came to our country, imposed their (Aryan) faith among the people, through that imagining and creating Gods and providing them with forms. The reason for this is whatever God you choose, it is rare to come across any God which has no relation with Aryan story or no relation with Aryan appearance. But in spite of the fact that for over three to four thousand years, God has been given (or Gods have been given) forms, people are instilled with faith in that idea, still not only among the ignorant common people, but among great scholars and saints too, there is the absence of a true devotion to God, apparent Godly traits in their actions and rationalism etc. This clearly destroys the myth that forms of God were created to instil faith in God and that it has benefits or uses or truth.

Also, if there is the eternal omnipotent, omniscient God, why should people consider God as to whether God exists or not. Why should some people feel that there is no God or likelihood of existence of God? Even assuming that ‘some ignorant’ people have such feelings, why should the ‘intelligent’ people feel the need to save God and propagate theism? Where is the need for them for making efforts to teach children and school pupils that there is God?

            Leaving aside this, why the ideas of God’s descent (avatars), some people are given a pride of place that they are Godly in nature, and God depicted to have taken forms like pig, man and many grotesque forms? Why should God have child, messengers, conveying messages through Voice, and speaking through people (making much fuss with shaking bodies and commanding people to do this or that)?

            Whether these acts are true or false, they do not confirm or prove the existence of God and there must be serious thinking whether there is utility or use for people by the existence of God or for the good conduct of worldly activities or for general social welfare.

            Howsoever things had taken place so far, at least hereafter it is essential that mankind should lead a life without fear and worry, should lead a peaceful, contented and good life. Social norms and regulations should be accordingly drawn. (Otherwise) future would be full of dangers.

            This is because people will not hereafter be dying earlier. If the average life-span of our people so far had been 25 years, hereafter this average will go above 50 yrs. Health and medical facilities have increased. Till now men attributed diseases and troubles to God’s will and were dying at young age. But now he has faith in himself, is finding out ways and means to overcome these obstacles. In many areas of life man has made enormous progress and has increased the longevity of life.

Similarly the population is also increasing. Abortions, children prematurely dying, deaths during delivery time, etc. are decreasing due to suitable medical care and general improvement in healthy living conditions and proper safety measures. Progress has been made in resolving infertility problems. There is no need for people to live the life of widowhood because widow remarriage, freedom for love marriages, etc. have been gaining influence, consequently leading to a higher birth rate.

            Generally due to increased medical and health facilities, people instead of having 2,3 or 4 children are now having 6,8,10 or 12 children. They also live for a longer period. They all require food, comforts, decent livelihood: this will result in severed food shortages or famines. Consequently there would be growth in hatred, vengeance, betrayal, looting, murder, etc. Good and honest people will face great difficulties. Dishonest people and rogues will have comfortable life. The government also will be formed with such characteristics.

Translated by Prof.T.Marx

(‘Republic’ ( kudiarasu) Essay, 7-5.1949)