Good conduct, honesty, and fairness not only enhance a man’s dignity, but are beneficial to all others.


Those who are guilty of misconduct, fraud and knavery, under the guise of public life, should never be spared.periyar 21

Indeed, drinking liquor is against the law; even more so is receiving bribes. Those who receive bribes are to be deemed social outcasts, fit to be punished and detested.

Collective social good conduct , sympathy , honesty gratitude , trust , etc .., should be prevalent among people , They should volunteer to do good ; they must think good ; and oppose evil . They should not rob others. When they are unguarded, and should conduct themselves especially honestly.

Though there is a lot of advancement in knowledge, human life has vastly deteriorated in knowledge, human life has vastly deteriorated. Man should not descent to the level of substituting treachery and betrayal for love and fair – conduct, or corruption and fraud for honesty!

The first and foremost duty of those who live selflessly is to preach in favour of character, and for the extermination of dishonesty and treachery.

Wants and needs must be lessened for fostering genuine good conduct and honesty. The more we need, and the more we want, the more is the growth of immoral conduct and dishonesty.

Good conduct, honesty, and fairness not only enhance a man’s dignity, but are beneficial to all others.

If a nation is to prosper, her people should have good character.

Keep your heart and speak boldly. Do not think of self – esteem in public life. You can serve confidently in direct proportion to how strong, determined, honest and disciplined you are.

Instead of preaching good conduct to others. Everyone should inspect how much of it is found within him.

Only during his student life can conduct be easily inculcated in man.

A life of good character is that which does not cause pain to others. If can be nurtured only when all differences are sunk. Character is the basis for a happy life.

Fair conduct is that which gives no pain to anyone.

We should conduct ourselves with others, in accordance with what we expect of others in this regard; what we think others should do unto us and what kind of conduct towards us that we look for from others. That alone is good character.

-Comrade Periyar – Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.

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