The world ahead – ini varum ulagam

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The  modern present world has its transition from the primitive world over a period of many years.  Only the rational people will know how the present modern world will have its transition to the next stage. And never by the so called pundits who brags  themselves well learned and  knowledgeable just by mastering in   blind   myth and age old epics.

 such pundits still endorse such myth and epic  which is not rational and can never  be proved scientifically at any time.  Because they believe such stories are real and happened long back in history despite the truth they all are fictional and religiously concocted.

But the rational people are fighting desperately in finding the true path and act as a research scholars. With their knowledge in nature and profound experience  in life they can easily identify the wonders of the past civilization and matching them with the present world to have a social reform.

Such  pundits , believing themselves  what they are deeming to be right till date,  are very much interested in repeating  primitive world to be adopted as such without any change by present modern world.  Where as the rationale are designing the  modern world  more adoptive  with innovation and  creativeness.  I don’t say the pundits  are like that in all the countries . My statement exclusiveperiyar 330ly relates to majority of our pundits in our land. Our pundits knowledge is blocked somewhere and seldom grow  because of their limited education and experience in life. Their limitation is not their knowledge but their education. It is very much like an infant that slips from its mother’s caressing  hand  and fatally  falls on sickle. Like that our pundits despite their knowledge their mind is poisoned by superstitions and religious myth. They all are like a poisonous serpent  not willing  to reach  the shore of real knowledge.

The hindu pundits are notorious then the other religious pundits in india. Where the pundits are trying to reach thousand years back, the religious fanatics want to go  crossing eras. Such people are very much fascinated towards irrational attempt to maintain their  unimaginable stories to be adopted to present world. Needless I have to stress that Such world will be the den of  barbarians. Those respecting and adoring old primitive conventions will never understand the change and its benefits.

I will never retreat to eschew the old as such when it is warranted in terms of teaching some essence in life. But I stress such adherence to be in support of modernity and creativity which will be a driving force to innovations.

The world ahead


From the history and from the opinion of the scholars  our future world will not have kingdoms as before in the past. The precious gold and silver will never become a private property  and there will not be any private ownership. Needless to say such world will demand kings to govern precious metals  and the  properties. The people are free from their shackle to think and to promote their life with a new set of livelihood with their  hard work and brief rest.

Majority of present day people toil themselves for a  poor  wage,  long working hours and lesser benefits. There are lots of people fighting to meet even their basic need in life like their fellow human beings and fighting to overcome  acute poverty ever since for ages.

Very few are in support of individuality and self confidence. Where one side there are lots of raw materials in heap for human consumption  and  the other side with  the poverty stricken people suffocating to live. Plenty of lands where as landless are in crores. Then  why  the poverty and paucity still exist? Such imbalance is due to  its  link to religion and god. Otherwise can you able to identify those people who praise such religion and god are leading self supporting life unlike those downtrodden who toil and suffer? Among all livings in the world the humans are said to be more intelligent and rational. Only human invented god, divine life.  their path and rare philosophy.  Lots of human become divine and sacred even  after their death. Even such people are subject to adverse poverty. Who else to blame for that other then those who could not differentiate among religion, god, honesty, justice and government. Is it not amply clear why we suffer and suffocate in our present world?

Western countries are far ahead then us in seeking new path, new inventions, new experience, new endeavor then blindly adhering to superstitions like us. Their thinking bank is deep and wide deciding the primitive old world can  not help them much and can not  withstand against innovations and constructive creativity.

Why we are born? Why one has to suffer in poverty against all comforts available? Why we should die? Such questions are well answered now seeking panacea for all social disease. This revolt will pave way for a new world. At that time the money is become useless and disappear. No more government in existence. No more wretched work. No slavery. All are independent and self sufficient. Women are thus emancipated  and  never  worry for safety and suppress.  

If we all want to  live like a gandhian, religious leader, king, jamindar, bramin to attain such higher level in life we don’t have to work more then one or two hours daily.  One who has pain and discomfort in one of his organ, he will simply declare his body  has pain. Like that if  one individual suffers we must feel and suffer as if ours since we are representing the society as a whole and represent the aggrieved. The will lead us to stay together and inculcate oneness in our mind.

Then  we will not encounter bitter wars. No one will die in war, dacoit etc., None has to work for food and has to fight for employment. People will start working as a routine exercise and not as a burden. All will enjoy the equality. No more  Avaricious money lenders, individual business men, factories, bus owners, commission agents, insurance agents, brokers, advertisements etc., No need for war ships, battalions, war accessories and particularly no more war fatalities.

We start worrying to identify the areas of hard work. There will be research to prolong human life and perpetual happiness. Irrespective of increase in human needs, all we have to spend to attain  that is  just few hours only.

For example in those days we are scantly dressed because of the speed of spinning was  hardly 150 threads. Now we have variety of dresses because of  fast spinning which is capable of  45000 threads per minute. In those days for one minute two or three cigarettes were rolled. But today with machinery we can roll minimum 2500 cigarettes per minute. The industry is all fully automated right from feeding  raw tobacco from one end  to fully packed cigarettes at the delivery points. The crumbled cigarettes without any company name is automatically withdrawn from the assembly line. Do I have to say anything  more how the modern industrial world will be hereafter? The real boom in industrial revolution will result in satisfying our needs just by working hardly two weeks per annum.  

You may wonder this will result in unemployment and laziness  for the rest of 50 weeks. We all will  have to concentrate  for innovations in the field of entertainment, human health, welfare and rest for that 50 weeks instead. One can easily   predict the wonders and achievements in such world. The learned and thinkers will become more busy inventing and designing  ways for achievements. Such work load  will never lead to us to monotony  of working just  for earning as now.  There will be more competition and impetus to attain our targets. The future child will understand their share of responsibility in the society.

However it sounds more practicable some may aimlessly ponder over resulting  in laziness. But I stoutly deny there will not be laziness at any stage. If at all  the laziness presents, no harm will be done to meet the social needs at any time. The guilt itself  will eat away their strength just being lazy and helplessness to the society. In that  days,  all will be worrying about the opportunity for work and secretly worry about the time loss. We can not  satisfy any one with more work. We do not have to search people for employment and no more complaints about  any one thereafter  who does not work or perform satisfactorily.

It is the right time we have to answer one question. Can we get man power for doing menial work? The answer is  no work as menial or cheap thereafter. All the works will be done with the help of machinery. The robots will clean toilets, broom streets. Man need not have to do heavy jobs. The job is  honored and it  revolves around searching needs for the society. There will be constant demands for menial jobs. The poets, writers, artist, architect  and thinkers will design our modern world competitively. Only the able will be surviving. Others will be ignored.

There will be no more indiscipline. One will  lead to indiscipline if he is sure of denying  some benefits or offer because of being discipline. In the modern world for the individual need and recognition  one need not have to chase behind any one. The imbalance of wealth will hamper the individual satisfaction. Only on such instances one may tend to resort unlawful and crooked means. In the present world the discipline and obedience are imposed to have the supremacy established paving way for social  inequality.   No more thefts there after. Need any one steal ganga water while staying across the river band? Do they carry more water to keep reserve?  Ridiculous is it not? So once there is enough sufficiency for all the individuals in the society  there is no need for theft. Such act will never help them reap any profit either. The people will not derive any bad  impact on liquor sales. No more hiring any one to murder. Even gambling will never result in losing money but a competitive sport.

No more prostitution for money and materials. No one to rule any one nor be subdued by any one. The love is possible where there is equal understanding and it is ever lasting.  The education is available at par to all the citizens.  The people will be aware of their health needs and treatments. All are self respected and honored. Forced love will be treated as against self respect. The real love will be subject to eschewing man supremacy and woman bondage. Such modern world never attract nor encourage prostitution in the society. Any one suffering mental imbalance will be subject to  treatment.

Other benefits in the modern world:

1. air line travel will be improvised helping fast and safe  transportation

2.Cord less phone will be in any one’s pocket

3.Their caps will decorated with radio

4.the video conferencing will be available

5.There will be centralized global education

6.the food will be processed and condensed in  small bottle

7.the human life expectancy will be either 100 years or even doubled

8.the artificial fertility centre will be in its boom. Babies intelligence and health is corrected and modified to our need  on tailor made designs even before its birth.

9. there will be no connection between birth and copulation.

10. the population  will restricted and controlled.

The charm for luxury will wean away from the minds of the public. The automobiles will be sold  in weight.  The cost of petrol will be drastically reduced. Instead of petrol it is supplemented with solar and other   renewable energy.

The electricity will reach to all people to have their  increased  life standard. The science will pave way for new invention helping all the people without any profit motive. In such world, there will be no need for protecting possession, justice, education, administration as we require now.

No one will be left without wondering how the modern world will be with gods who will never  pop in front of anyone till date. It is created and designed by our fore fathers. In future there will be no  one to introduce god nor preach about him. All will  deny  god. To be precise, when all are better off where the need for god arises! When our present world is divine and beautiful  who else care for heaven or hell. Where there is no need, it results in death of the god.   Where does the need for god arise? It has been a  convention blind folded, unscientific for ages. The answer lies by satisfying our self  at one time and learn to deny when the need arise.

The modern world do not have heaven or hell which will be possible when there is an opportunity to exercise  good or bad. No one needs any good deed of anyone. No one to harm anyone. No more indiscipline. Then the world heaven or hell is meaningless in the modern world. The future generation will certainly see the world. Thus big problems will be easily solved. The life will be less burdened without facing any routine hurdle.  The life become self satisfying and more meaningful.

 The achievements by the different  people in the world seeking innovations are purely  because of their knowledge and their mental make up in not just  being  satisfied with their  old conventional methods and customs. It can be achieved with such rational intelligence with the support of all people in their land.

Only such people can paint  the present world to modernity with their rational identity more evident. All will be independent. Unless one is mentally disturbed no one will ever venture to harm any one. At such world where is the need for heaven or hell? We have to be sure one day such world will emerge.  The future generation  will be sure to witness such change. Only on such emergence of new world we all will learn the love for life then to feel it as a struggle and suffocation.

No one will babble thus discouraging our  strength and forcing us to surrender to god to have our fate corrected to seek solace  from our mundane struggle. The modern world will keep us always engaged to solve all our problems by way of channelizing our mighty  work force. Their self conscience will guide them to noble path. The foolishness they have so far believed will be thrown off by their conscience. Their selfless charity will keep the mankind to reach the pinnacle. The blamers will be those who are averse to  modernization and rationalization.

Now a days the grace for old blunts ones knowledge and reasoning. Those who preach old methods in terms of religion and god are suffocating because of their explicit exploitation on humankind till date.

One can see the modern world the moment they attain adequate knowledge to understand  how they are being exploited mercilessly by the superstitious religious  self centered force so far. I earnestly believe that  the learned and youth force will become  the modern architect to invent and design our modern world one day. 

–          Comrade Periyar

Translated by Premkumar

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