The South Indian Social Reformers Conference Resolutions

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The following are among the resolutions passed in the above Conference:-

  1. All distinctions based on birth should be abolished.

  1. Equality between the sexes should be established including rights to property, inheritance, etc.

  1. The widow should inherit all the property of her husband, in case of both the divided and undivided families.

  1. The institution of Devadasis (professional prostitutes) should be abolished forthwith. This Conference strongly condemns the attitude of some members in the legislature who opposed the measure incorporating this reform.

  1. Compulsory elementary education should be enforced in all areas irrespective of caste, creed or sex. Special facilities should be extended to children of the depressed classes of school-going age by providing free boarding, free supply of books and other materials necessary for the prosecution of their study.

  1. In the School Curricula all references to and advocacy of religions and puranas which instill superstitious beliefs into the young minds should be carefully eschewed.

  1. The text-books which are prescribed for the students should not contain anything calculated to promote blind beliefs and superstitious ideas. The books should encourage the exercise of common-sense and the spirit of self-confidence and perseverance in the students.

  1. In the training schools, especially where pundits specialize in their mother tongues, text books referring to religion and puranas should not be prescribed.

  1. Entrance to temples and public resorts should not be denied to anyone on the basis of caste; and the graduated distinctions in the treatment of worshippers within the temples should be abolished.

  1. Steps should be taken for the establishment of maternity and child welfare homes throughout the country.


In proposing Mr. E.V. Ramasami Naicker to the chair of the South Indian Social Reformers’ Conference held at Madras, on November 26th, many kind things were said of him by the leaders of South India. We offer the following extracts to those, who, out of selfish motives, not only defame the personality of Mr.Ramasami Naicker, in season and out of season, but will belittle the results of his services in the cause of social reform:

Hon. S. Muthia Mudaliar, Minister for Health: I am sure that Mr. E.V. Ramasami Naicker whose influence is felt not only by the Tamils of this province, but by the people of all parts of India and Ceylon will ably guide the proceedings of this Conference.

Mr. R.K. Shunmukham Chetty, M.L.A: Mr.Naicker has accomplished in the field of social reform in comparatively fewer years a good deal more than what many other social reformers have achieved during the last twenty five years. He has laid his finger at the right root of our social degeneration. He is the only reformer whose words I accept to the last syllable.

The Raja Saheb of Panagal: My esteemed friend Mr. E.V. Ramasami Naicker is the greatest social reformer of modern times. To him the cause of social reform is sacred. You know he has been to jail several times in fighting for what he considered to be a right cause. He is prepared to make any sacrifice, nay lay down his life, if by doing so, he could advance the cause of social reform. He has realised that social reform should precede political reform, that before India could win Swaraj, a great deal has to be done to improve the social conditions of the people.

Sri K. V. Reddi, Agent General for South Africa: One who will succeed in social work should possess courage, ability to sacrifice and knowledge of ways and means, you will have to search the whole of South India to find another man like Mr. Naicker who can claim to possess these qualities in an equal degree. Mr. Naicker has a lion’s heart. Fear he knows not. He is ready for any sacrifice. His methods of procedure are the best. He uses his pen like a sword only with greater results, more visible and more durable.

Mr. Kumarasami Reddiar, M.L.C: Mr. Naicker is frank in his opinions. He says what he thinks and does what he says.

Mr. A. Ramasami Mudaliar, President, Corporation of Madras: Twenty five years ago we were concerned with the educated classes. But Mr. Naicker has not cared to touch the educated classes who are determined not to be reformed. He has cast his lot with those who are illiterate and ignorant. And I tell you, that is the main reason for his success. To stir the peaceful, pathetic contentment of the masses, to touch their hearts that has been the work of Mr. Naicker. He has rejuvenated this presidency in a manner in which it has never been done, drawn all the fire and enthusiasm of the younger generation and of the older generation also. He is so blunt and straightforward that he spares nobody, even people like the Raja of Panagal and Mahatma Gandhi. His has become a household name not only in Madras but in other provinces.

Hon. Dr. Subbaroyan, Chief Minister: I have had a lurking affection for my revered friend and leader, Mr. Naicker for the reason that he is one of those who do not mind expressing their views even though such expressions may hurt for the time being the hearers. He is the fitting president for this conference in that, he immediately undertakes to put in action what he preaches.

Mr. N. Sivaraj, M.L.C: I have to pay my tribute to Mr. Naicker’s work for the betterment of the depressed classes.

Rev. Bitman: Mr. Naicker is the young man of South India.

Maulana Muhammad Khuddus Sahib: Mr. Naicker will light the way for us all towards liberty, equality and fraternity.

– Revolt, 11 December 1928

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