Madura Non Brahmin Youth Conference Resolutions.

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Madura Non Brahmin Youth Conference Resolutions.

The following are among the resolutions passed at the Madura-Ramand District Second Non-Brahmin Youth Conference held at Madura under the presidency of Mr. N. Sivaraj B.A.,B.L M.L.C., on 25th and 26th August29:-


1)  This conference resolves that an association, like the Servants of India Society may be started for working for the upliftment of the Non-brahmin community.

  1. This Conference requests the Government, Local Self Government officials and the Managers of private schools not to prescribe for studies in the schools under their managements, books inculcating ideas of inferiority and superiority and of antiquated customs and manners and requests the Non-brahmin authors not to write such books.

  1. This Conference requests the Government to appoint a Committee to delete lessons referred to above from books approved by the Text Books Committee.

  1. This Conference approves of the recommendations made by the Age of Consent Committee with regard to the Age of Consent and marriageable ages.

  1. This Conference requests the members of the Legislative Assembly to wholeheartedly support this measure and pass it into law.

  1. This Conference requests that even during ordinary conversations words indicating inferiority or superiority as of master and servant should not be used and specially requests the youths to cultivate this habit from the beginning.

  1. This Conference is of opinion that in all choultries, Hospitals and public places under the management of the Government and in Refreshment Rooms under the management of the railways no distinction of caste should be made and requests that the existing distinctions should be abolished.

  1. This Conference is of opinion that Brahmin teachers are mainly responsible for the backwardness of the Non-brahmin boys in their educational matters and requests that Non-brahmin teachers must be appointed in all the schools, especially as Headmasters, under the management of the Municipalities and Local Board Institutions.

  1. This Conference requests that no license should be issued to hotels which observe caste distinctions and requests the Government to make necessary amendments in law to carry out the above object.

  1. This Conference requests that in Civil Procedure Code and Registration Act nobody should be compelled to “write” their caste and religion.

  1. This Conference adopts the resolution passed at the First Self-respect Provincial Conference held at Chingleput.

–  Revolt, 1 September 1929

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