Present Social Discontent

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Present Social Discontent

Under the auspice of the George Town Non-Brahmin Social Club, Mr. K.V. Gopalasami, B.A., (Oxon) delivered the inaugural address of the Literary Branch of the Association, under the presidency of Mr. C. Subbaroya Mudaliar.

Mr. Gopalaswami in the course of his lecture said that discontent is of different kinds, moral, religious social, economic and political. Undoubtedly, in every country the political discontent is making a large noise and moral discontent the least. India is morally discontent and it is the basis of social and political discontent. The actual discontent involves four crucial problems, the question of marriage, the question of prostitution, the question of family and the question of untouchability. We should give our women education and let them rebel. If they rebel then there will be a better society.

The second fundamental question is the sex problem. Sex is one of the potential elements in life. Birth control and sexual relations ought to be taught to young men. Prostitution is the despicable evil in the whole world. It is a heart rending spectacle to see prostitutes sold like cattle in Bombay. Then to the Purdah. Did it ever strike us, the absurdity of the system of purdah? Have we ever imagined about the insult we give our women, suspecting them to be susceptible to the charms of young men? It is an insult to our women that we should not let her go. It matters little whether the marriageable age is fixed at 13 or 14 unless we fix it fairly as high as 17. We have to educate our people and convert them to our view. Our educated girls have to face problems. It is all a bunkum to exhort women to practice celibacy. Whether a rising nation or not, young men are bound to come into conflict with their parents. Wives loom larger in our eyes than our parents, for we are responsible for their lives.

Thanks to the Brahminocracy, we have a society where kicks are got, the man who gets those kicks, kicks another below, but he does not believe that he is kicked. We should not, in these matters, depend on others to lead us for everybody ought to fight his own battles. Whoever may preach today the best that he can do is to present the case, we should cultivate the thinking capacity. Better we make a mess and suffer for ourselves than suffer in the mess of others. Adi-Dravidas are not allowed to walk on public roads and make use of public wells and temples. It is the Brahmin Civilisation that is responsible for the deplorable position of our Adi-Dravida brethren and women. The lecturer concluded by observing that woman is in the same position as a Panchama and she is denied equal rights and privileges, which man enjoys.

– Revolt, 7 July 1929

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