The Non-brahmin as Citizen

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The Non-brahmin as Citizen 


( By S. Uthanda Nadar)

Social reform is one of the pressing topics of modern times that engage the serious attention of bonafide well wishers of Indian Nation. There were days, when a sincere social reformer, anxious to see a better order of things prevail in society, was beset with violent opposition of vested interests, as well as innate conservatism of people. But now, it is rejoicing, that happy signs of growing tendency on the part of masses, towards eradicating pernicious evils and flagrant abuses of society, are visible in many quarters. It has become accepted on all hands, that in the absence of social reorganization, India cannot advance an inch further in her march towards National Emancipation.

Of late, Turkey and Afghanistan have shown an inspiring example to the world. Their social spheres have undergone much revolution. Age-long and accredited system of “purdah” has been boldly overthrown. Women population of the countries, who had been hitherto caged like wild birds, and whose activities had been cribbed, cabined and confined within the narrow corridors of domestic circles have been given wider scope of activities and freedom of movement. As a result the twin Muslim Nations loom large in international politics and have procured for themselves an undying fame. And we are sure that India will learn much wisdom from her sister nations.

Side by side, thanks to the invigorating activities of Non Brahmin movement, revolting conscience of modern generation has rightly grasped the imperative need for and immediate change in Indian society. Congress and conferences are held to turn the question of social reform into practical politics, from academic discussion in which state it had been hitherto detained. India is tired of innumerable crude superstitions and unreasonable dogmas. Her children can no more follow any theory blindly and bluntly, unless completely convinced of underlying truths by a regular analytical scientific process. Hence, as Lord Alfred Tennyson said, old order must change yielding place to new. Indian society must be purged of all pernicious evils that keep the masses under perpetual social slavedom and political thralldom. A healthy Indian Nation must be built at all costs.

But, we are aware that undertakers of this thankless task will have to encounter fire and brimstone from orthodox section, ridicules from conservatives, and scurrilous wordy attacks from insane reactionaries. They will be fallen foul of, and denounced as an enemy of religion and opponent of sacred customs and religious traditions. However, heedless of any amount of mudslinging from mischievous sources, true well wishers of India must pull on with their humble service in the social field of the country.

Revolt, 26 December 1928

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