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If there is no ‘ high ‘ or ‘low ‘ by birth or by riches, there will also be no ‘high ‘ or ‘ low ‘ among the rulers and the ruled. This is the apprehension of kings.

Members of the Assembly should consider the Government as a structure for social good, and as a true spokesman and representative of the people, and not as a means for power, or for occupying positions of honour.

The prevalent desire for the existence of a political administration to look after the good of the people is because the rich should not tyrannize over the poor, the bad should not disturb the good or the meek, and the hardy chieftains should not rob the common folk.

For a proper conduct of the administration, the administrators themselves should be honest. There should be a rule that those who break law and order, should be declared unfit for administration and be disqualified from contesting elections.

Only those who want to earn wealth by hook or crook become dignitaries, and only those who want to destroy socialism by any means are in the lime light. Such people should be prevented by law from finding a place in politics and in democratic rule and administration.

Politics does not concern itself with who should rule us. It is about what kind of rule people should have.

A nation or a society is governed in the interest of the welfare of the people of the land, and not the welfare of the administrator.

A Government that tries to transfer its own responsibilities to the people or their representatives is guilty of shirking its obligations, and evading its duties.

Whatever form of politics is introduced today in our country, it should be conducive to the creation of social equality and unity.

I would not call the rule of even a hideous brute a greater indignity or drawback , over a people who read with pious reverence the tale in the Ramayana that our lands was administered for 14 years by a pair of sandals .

Whether man or animal be ruling, my concern is only about the principles, the kind of administration and the benefits that the people derive.

The duty of officer is that they should serve the people honesty and impartially, and conduct themselves with sympathy and understanding.

As long as the rich and the poor exist, practices like bribery and beggary will never cease.

Only when the principle of capitalism goes, and communism comes into being, can corruption be put an end to. Without that, talking about the abolition of corruption is equivalent to preaching the laws of Manu.

A democratic life is that which should prevail among cultured people.

A revolution is that which destroys and changes from the base. Therefore, this society should bring about very drastic changes in the spheres of politics and religion.

The rule of the people is the true principle of democracy. There should be intelligent, and reasonably honest and disciplined people for such a ‘ democracy’

Rightly or wrongly, there obtains in India a democratic rule. But party – rule makes a mockery of it. On seeing this, what will people of other nations think? Should not democrats be ashamed?

Everyone has the right to refute any opinion of any other person. But no one has the right to prevent the expression of that opinion.

Rivalry should last only till the election. Once it is over, both the ruling and opposition members should join hands to carry on the affairs of the Government. Only then some good can be done for the people.

Dictators brook no opposition and they force their decisions on all. In such countries. People do not tend to think own and there own and there is no freedom for them to act their own.

None can declare that a country has secure political freedom unless it has achieved social reform and social unity.

Politics is a means to end social evils. Society does not need Politics that has no bearing on social work.

The real service through politics is to serve society.

If genuine Politics is to flourish, human qualities should be fostered. There should be discipline and honest. People should feel the need for showing compassion to others.

If the Administration is not able to function properly, owing to party squabbles and agitations, it is only the people who will suffer.

Because our Government seeks and trusts only Graduates, instead of utilizing the services of men with talent and industrial progress is retarded.

Those who contrive to acquire money, fame and position through politics, are like a wasting disease of society.

People should contemplate whether our society is fit for freedom or democracy, in the context of frequent floor – crossings, plots to topple, ministries, and the occurrence of lawlessness.

   – Comrade Periyar – Original source: Dravidarkazhagam. www.periyar.org

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