The Concept of God……..?

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        periyar 306    There is no evidence or authority to find out who first spoke on the concept of God. But it can be perceived that for us (Tamilians) Dravidians, the ideas of God was imposed by the Aryans.

            The proof for the fact that we (Tamilians) did not have a God before the Aryans is that there was no Tamil word at all for the word God.

            Tamil scholars say that there is a word called ‘kanthazhi’ to mean God: however it is still defined as a ‘meaningless word’ and has only been attributed such a meaning.

            That is, the word is explained as, “a Supreme Being, without attachment, (without form), existing on its own as a formless (Abstract) philosophy”. The word philosophy has many meanings like truth, nature, valour, intelligence, etc. If it is said that something is “beyond this”, then only the meanings of ‘non-existent’ and ‘false’ will remain.

Therefore, even when the Tamilian uttered the word ‘kanthazhi’, he had included in its meaning the idea of negation of God. In the words thathuvam kadandhu (beyond philosophy), my opinion is thathuvam is not a Tamil Word.

            Accordingly the word ‘kanthazhi’ does not have any meaning. In Northern languages too, the meaning “not truth” is stated and then a list of words, which are not Tamil, like Pancha Boothangal, is printed in the dictionary.

            I am also of the considered opinion that words like Deivam, Bhagawan, Easwaran, Paraparan are not Tamil words.

            Therefore, it is certain that the word ‘kadavul’ (God) is not Tamil.

            Also, for the word ‘kadavul’, dictionary gives the meanings (perceived) like guru, aiyar, vanavar and puthel.

            If the word puthel (heavenly) is taken as Tamil, even for that deivam (deity), pudumai (new), puthiavar (new entity), puthal are given as meanings.

            So, if you want to find the meaning of the word God, without recourse to Sanskrit meanings, that too, conveying celestials or Devas, it is certain you cannot do so for it either in northern languages or in Tamil, which conveys the meaning of what people hold for that word.

            I do not say that the Tamils alone did not have the concept of God; even the Aryans did not have God.

            For an Aryan the fundamental authority is Vedas. Even if it is assigned a specific time-period, in that recently created ‘Veda’ (for Aryans), no God was given according to the general norms of God. All that we find in the Vedas are Devas or Celestials. All these Devas are subordinate to Indira. Therefore, for the Tamils or Aryans there was no God.

            All the Gods have been picked from the Devars

            Also they were characterised by very inferior qualities. That is, they have been created with very worse attributes, low human qualities.

            Among those, adored by the Tamils, are the three Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Sivan which are the three entities considered as the source for all other celestials. As they were considered separate entities, there are separate religions and scriptures in their names, attributing higher and lower status among them, in the accounts about them (Puranas).

            This state of thinking and worshipping is considered as the lowest level among the believers of God.

            Because these three religious sub-sects had created three forms of entities, male-female attributes, human nature, human qualities—and also endowed them with basic instincts, and worshiped them as such, the followers of all these three sects have become fit to be called as barbarians by rest of the people in the world.

            Not only that, people all over the world with faith in God, are worshipping Gods with human qualities and attributes and do not worship a God which has got ‘Godly qualities’ or attributes.

Also, among the people who believe and worship God, there is no similarity or uniformity in thinking.

            What is stated as revealed by God, attributed to God and created about God are not similar or uniform either.

            Similarly the qualities attributed to God, are just imagined and created and told by people to other are not similar either. That there is no single God or multiple Gods can easily be perceived from this standpoint alone.

            The number of people believing in God in today’s world is dwindling. The reason for this is the growth in the intelligence, reasoning and researching, daring to think independently. This means that for selfish and dishonest persons a faith in God has become a necessity.

            Only among the senseless, foolish people the desire to worship has been growing.

            A large number of people in today’s world have lost faith in God. Countries with large population like Russia, China, Japan, Burma, Siam and Lanka now consist of about 100% or 90% or 75% of people as non-believers.

            Also in Western countries like America, France, England and Germany, there are not only associations of atheists (non-believers): but also crores of people as members in these associations who publish lakhs and lakhs of books to propagate atheism.

            The reason for this is the growing awareness among the scholars that faith in the concept of God has been a big obstacle and an evil in the growth of scientific temperament and social growth of humanity.

            “There is no God for a wise man (Gnani)” was an idea commonly reflected in the works even before 2000 years

            Believers in God and superstitious people did not think about wisdom and wiseman as a Gnani (Wise Person) have also been categorised with the attributes of God,

            A lamp can burn only when there is oil: similarly truth can be perceived only when there is (rational) thinking.

            “God cannot be apprehended by thought; because he is beyond mind and thinking.” When a man is instilled firmly with such idea, how can a man function as an intelligent being?

            In the present times, the world is moving quickly towards scientific development.

            If the present government which rules over us is based on rational thought of ‘there is no God’ (negation of God), then is not this government next in rank to that of the government in Russia?

Similarly the Communist party in India is functioning and also communist parities functioning all over the world in an institutionalised form, does that not strongly indicate that the idea of negation of God, development of intelligence and thinking power are on the move? Besides even in capitalist countries in the continents of Europe and Asia, there are many associations with crores of people denying the existence of God in important cities. Such associations are multiplying. What does that mean?

            Just a handful of priests, mullahs and the brahmins who would hide themselves in gutters when you shout ‘hey’, say that they would stabilise (or firmly establish) the concept of God. When this idea of God is disappearing, and is bound disappear, they claim to establish a non-existing God, by ‘fiercely nailing their concept of God’, how then can there be rationalism or proper thinking?

            Let me conclude by pointing out that according to the findings of Western researchers’, out of the world’s population of 300 crores, there are less than 150 crores of ‘believers in God’: of the rest nearly three fourths are total disbelievers and the rest are in a confused state, as recorded by Western evidence.

Translated by Prof.T.Marx

(‘Viduthalai’- Editorial, 5.8.1972)

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