The Atrocity of Hinduism

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         periyar 425   We have written many times that there is no such thing as Hindu religion, that in order to earn their livelihood Brahmins had written a number of falsehoods and lies to cheat the fools, called them as religion, vedas and sastras. With the help of some dishonest, stupid people from amongst us and by bringing them under control, attempted to propagate their ideas, made it an art and poetic too; and as a result it has become the haven for the livelihood of lazy fellows and selfish people; has also become a source of professional income and profit for them and consequently a majority of people in our land exist without sense (intelligence), respect and integrity and lead a useless life.

            We want to know whether any honest people who advocate for Hinduism would come forward and give suitable reply and explanation. We want to ask, whether these people who consider that by (our) finding fault with Rama, if they consider that their religion, God and respect have been offended, would inquire as to from where such offences originated?

            If they are honest, have manliness and if pure blood runs in their veins, they will come out with explanations as to whether those crimes are true or false, whether Gods said to belong to Hindu religion exist or not and start discussions on them. Instead of doing that, we merely ask whether accusing others mischievously is an act done by honest and responsible people?

            Besides, many dishonest people babble and write that we and our journal indulge in atheist propaganda. When we observe this we cannot but reprove of their attitude. Because those who write and bark that we commit atheist propaganda, explain what is atheism, what are the evils flowing from it, and then accuse us of that crime; that can be taken as human culture. Instead of doing that, without even stating clearly what is atheism, knowing that ignorant people have hatred for that word, if they use that word with dishonest intention in order to instigate the ignorant against us, who will keep quiet?

            Some readers may think that I am using some harsh words in this context. What else can be done? We want to inform our readers that there is no other alternative than using harsh words. Because many times we have given explanations on this. Those animals would not simply comprehend them. Again and again they speak of atheism, speak and write that I use abusive language against Sita or someone else. Therefore, there is no other alternative than to expose their real character.

At least, hereafter we expect that those who come to advocate for Hinduism or anything else, instead of taking advantage of the ignorance of the masses for their selfish gains, should come forward in all honesty to defend Hinduism. Similarly we expect those who speak on atheism, to first define and clarify what is atheism and then advocate or propagate that. Instead, doing what they are doing now is nothing but dishonest practice and a degrading act. Also we wish to inform that we will not be cowed down by any number of people with such avowed purpose.

            Similarly, many dishonest elements, formerly taking advantage of the ignorance of the people, characterised “Justice Party”, “Dravidian” made them hate these words and stabilised their livelihood. But because we worked firmly without fear and not bothering about any consequences, people have realised the truth today and the true nature of the dishonest and fraudulent elements have been exposed, who are now forced to crouch in a corner. None can deny this. So also, even though ordinary people have been cheated for a very long time, it is certain that a time will come when they will realise the truth.

Translated by Prof.T.Marx

(Essay in ‘Republic’ ( kudiarasu )  24.6.1928)

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