The Non Brahmin

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The Non Brahmin (By Satyasadhu)

The Non-brahmin represents a section of humanity characterized by its extreme truthfulness, sincerity and humility. Any section of human beings desiring seclusion as a mark of its sanctity will eventually feel its sanctity degenerating into stagnation. Not by proud segregation but by close intimacy, not by austere superiority but by humble understanding, not by cynical patronizing but by sympathetic upliftment, not by arrogant self-sufficiency but by all embracing catholicity is the progress of humanity maintained. Of all forces in human life that go to the making of dominant desire none is more powerful than love. So the compelling motives of the world’s devotees from mothers to martyrs have been unselfish. Are the present peacemakers of communal conflicts able, like Gordon in the Soudan, to say, “I declare, if I could stop this slave traffic I would willingly be shot this night” or with John Knox, “God give me Scotland, or I die”? The Non Brahmin should have the courage to declare. “Give me communal harmony, I will forget my community.”

No man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him. The solution for communal rancour is to give the aggrieved party time, opportunity and blessing to work out its salvation. The many mistakes, rash steps, or even unjust actions are inevitable in the turmoil incident to the establishment of a new order of social relationships. To elevate a nation or an individual it is necessary to inculcate self-respect in them. The prevalence of the inferiority complex, the practice of hopeless mendicancy, the adoption of the shameless hobby of enjoying oneself, the cultivation of the self-devouring fastidiousness creates narrowness in those very people who boast of their breadth of outlook. The party that claims vision should not be self-mutilating in its wanton attacks on individuals for their not falling into line with their programme but that sort of “Independence” which they offer to the country, they should see, is not denied to individuals.

After all human activity – political, social, religious or economic – is to be judged by the results achieved and not by the energy spent in the achieving. The ultimate end being the same, the interim methods should not so dishearten true workers as to embitter social relationships. As Mr. G.K. Chesterton has aptly said, “If I were a preacher my sermon will be against the sin of Pride.” He says “The more I see of existence, and especially of modern practical and experimental existence, the more I am convinced of the reality of the old religious thesis that all evils began with some attempt at superiority some moment when as we might say the very skies were cracked across like a mirror, because there was a sneer in heaven.” It would be frustrating the full joy and completion of the cosmos if we dislocate the design and make any particular individual or society the supreme object of worship. Hence all attempts at alleviating the miseries of existence ought to be blessed and nothing is so much needed now as mutual understanding, recognizing the self-respect of humanity, its ends and how each individual is to subordinate his pride and vanity to the realization of a unified, contented and self assertive society.

He is a Non-brahmin, who has eschewed what he considers condemnatory in the much maligned Brahmin, who is not repeating the disgusting story of the actions, policies, and the monopoly instinct of that section of society which suffers from the superiority complex. The Non-Brahmin has a broader aim. His catholic heart and his correct vision struggle to achieve at a greater humanity. He suffers vicariously in alleviating the sufferings of the masses. He does not care to create comfortable berths for individuals. He works for social peace and individual contentment.

– Revolt, 13 February 1929

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