Retrogressive Internationalism (By Mr. G. E. S. of U.S.A.)

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Retrogressive Internationalism (By Mr. G. E. S. of U.S.A.)

The Hearst Newspaper syndicate being unable to involve the United States of America and Mexico in war is stressing British resentment at America’s successful invasion into world commerce. Americans should realize that England is the Chief loser from the World War besides being game enough not to repudiate its indebtedness to this country. Conditions previous to the World War and the after effects prevent a solution of a serious siege of unemployment of long duration. Past methods of building its world wide trade depended mainly on an arbitrary attitude toward weaker nations, even to preventing the raising and manufacturing of products that would compete with goods from Great Britain. All European nations have exploited the natives of Asia and Africa in a similar manner leaving them barren of profit in contact with Christain nations. Nature has blessed bees with better sense than that. The contrast between the Phillipine Islands and India is also an irritant to economic ills from exploitation and not competition. America’s attitude toward China does not aim to make a drug friend of Asia but it speeds the day of a great economic upheaval in the world.

If extremes meet there is much in common between India and United States of America, except that in India the sacred cow is milked thoroughly by the practical Briton but not the “Bull” and Bear venerated by the white collar faddists of the cult of synthetic efficiency. India and Afghanistan because of their excess in population, social and economic errors and disease being promoted by religious beliefs are probably the source of world wide epidemics. America may become an economic pest to other nations and ultimately destroy its world markets by creating a serious unemployment problem. If the Yankee wants to commit economic suicide the act should not threaten in advance the existence of other nations. India and America seek a Nirvana that tends to decadence and anarchy under a smoke screen of their respective nomenclatures and system for one process methods and mass propositions. The Priestly efficiency experts use caste divisions, substitute reincarnation for rotation as a reward of merit for repetition of the error in choice of parents, ignoring a fundamental principle that each generation should require its people to be rational, versatile, talented citizens to perpetuate democratic forms of government and not myths that create parasitical elements among mankind.

The Orient confers a halo on that which develops a latent talent by stunting normal facilities; hence occultism is a destructive process of specialization that cannot deceive a camera, although it fascinates by its abnormal blind spots as do freaks and monstrosities. Outwardly it has its parallel in children warped and disfigured by beggar padrones. America is in its era of synthetic efficiency starting from wooden nutmegs and retrograding to wooden heads, a counter motion and inverse ratio that deceives and charms by the misuse of the blessing of Science, in learning to do but one simple task well and creating a nation of industrial and professional morons besides making existence more favourable for semi-wits under a hierarchy that has closed shop to general experience for college graduates. Science and invention used as a scaffold to correct humanity’s imperfections can create a race that can outdo the stunted oriental mystics that term machinery black magic and the work of devils. Machinery like psychology can be used to good or bad ends but nature and the Law of compensation reward according to the choice made.

Some perverse streak persists to capitalise herd instincts and prejudices besides refining sabotage into respected professions Ecclesiastical laws termed Blue laws do not comprehend the mission and purpose of Law. Its advocates use it as a magic wand and then again as a camouflage in terming as blasphemy that which may be rant, ridicule or else criticism of superstition and hypocrisy shielded by Caesar. It diverts from the blasphemy that asserts divine guidance an aid in violating human rights, and aspirations for “peace on earth and good will to all men”. One day in 365 is set aside to understand some thing that requires thought. The herd would rather fight than reason out a remedy for social and economic ills. Dr. Mar’s remedy of bleeding the patient proves the patient is infantile in thought, hence incapable to rightly use the blessing of science. That the majority are ruled by propaganda and misleading slogans proves the thoroughness of their training by a parasitical element experienced in sabotage and exploitation. This element does not educate, it trains to accept by the world, a definition for patriotism that, which in its true relation, blasphemes human progress and the divine spark in humanity it seeks to extinguish.

Europe does not need to go to war with America as a remedy for its social and economic ills. Germany as a republic could have avoided the destructive war caused by an enforced abnormal reverential respect for a class moronised by inter-breeding. Capitalism is blinded by an overvaluation of divine and property rights as well as by a mistaken or false conception of efficiency. War is not a remedy for lack of rational thought and progress. European nations can establish a co-operative common-wealth and be concerned over capitalistic America being stewed in its own juice by its synthetic chiefs. America at present is diverted from its increasing economic and social ills by the issues arising from the eighteenth amendment to its basic law. When it is not that, it is base ball or some shadow chasing or boxing stunt that ignores the cause. United States of America will be unable to meet its own problems, so will Europe if they would rather fight than use common sense. If United States of America would gain the world it will lose in the end. So will any other nation by approved methods of capitalism, because of the blind spot of moral atrophy from a lopsided sales of psychology and incentive.

– Revolt, 1 May 1929

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