To the Non-Brahmin Youths

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To the Non-Brahmin Youths


Mr.M.K.Reddi while hoisting the flag at the Vellore Non-Brahmin Youth Conference said:

Dear Comrades,

Remember, ours is a cult of Action, and not of idle talk. Revolution, thorough-paced and to the very utterance, and not a whit short of it, is our motto. Superstition in all its manifestations is the many headed Hydra that confronts us. To fight it bravely, and to come out victorious is the be-all of our existence. Break away therefore from the moribund past, and unburden the dead-weight of spirit-enslaving customs that hang about your necks.

Heed your leader’s words of caution. Be true to them as truly steel and stand by them through war and peace. Be bold and falter not, be brave and flinch not, for none but the brave deserves to breathe the air. Think, every one of you, that you are a knight-errant engaged in your maiden fight and with a definite purpose running through your life. Set before yourselves the highest of ideals and cherish them. Cultivate the noblest of your sentiment and perfect them. Awake from your slumber and realise that you owe your country a duty of service. The service which you are called upon to render in the cause of your motherland is the protection of the work and the uplift of the oppressed and downtrodden.

Stretch your arms across the frontiers and beyond the seas and make a common cause with the youths of other lands. Self-respect is your cherished hermitage; and Revolt against deadening customs is your watch word. Maintain your place in the vanguard of progress, but fail not to lead gently on your weaker comrades. Bear the banner aloft and press forward with unswerving tread and untiring nerves; and the cry of victory will redound from end to end even as the flag now unfurled shall flout the sky.

Revolt, 16 January 192h9

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