Secret behind Untouchability Eradication

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In this current occasion, the “untouchability eradication” started in India is not to eradicate all the difficulties of untouchable’s social life; But it has just started to spread the Hindu religion and it was happening in this way. Often we were exposing their propaganda.

The genuine untouchability eradication is a universal philosophy of human social life and any kind, but nothing of religious connection. And it is only a matter of thinking more rationally, health and equity. We do not have anything else to look at. Consider on which ideology and source today’s untouchability eradication propaganda is happening.

Primarily, what has caused the issue to be widely advertised and given importance? Let’s think a little bit. Last year during the civil disobedience movement, untouchables and people who work for untouchables asked some question to the nationalist leaders and they answered which everyone knows. It was, while addressing National leaders, “Sir! Nationalists!! You before said unless abolishing untouchability we would not get Swaraj, even if we get it would not last longer. But, now you forget everything about untouchability and speaking something else, what is the mystery behind it? Including comrade Gandhi answered, “Now untouchability is not so important and Swaraj is more important. If we get Swaraj, we will abolish untouchability in single order. Now the main interest is to prohibit salt tax, prohibit liquors, and the exclusion of foreign cloth.”  Readers may remember, while answering to representatives of the untouched people, “if eliminating untouchability in single order after Swaraj is possible, and what about prohibiting salt tax, liquors and foreign clothes in a single order after Swaraj”.

In order to answer these questions, Comrade Raja Gopalacharya in a meeting said: “It’s up to Gandhi to give importance to which issues with his considerable period. We don’t have anything to say about his will.” Reader might know this.

Without prohibiting salt tax, liquors, foreign clothes and even forgetting about Swaraj. Why this sudden urgency to start “untouchability eradication”? Think about it.


Untouchable people and their real well-wishers had lost belief in “untouchability eradication”, “the congress” and “the national leaders”. Therefore they made resolution to believe “other religious people” and to get support from the government. By the way, few of them converted to other religion. They asked for their separate electoral representation, even to get representation they bravely made some deal with other religion and left Hindu religion. Even they roared in the round-table conference to let the world to know, by saying to Gandhi who were been mentioned as Indian National leader and the leader of untouchables as such, “you are not our leader and representative; we don’t accept you as leader and representative.” Not just that, they even harshly asked Gandhi that, “even after we said that you are not our representative, don’t you have any sense to refer you as untouchable’s representative? And this is not fair for a genuine person for doing this again and again! Readers might have remembered this.

Only after saying this, the government refused to believe Gandhi even after his struggle. Then Government has given the representation for untouchables as a chance to free themselves from untouchability. Readers might know this.

Apart from this, in these two years in Madras Presidency and in the princely states alone, there are thousands of untouchables converted to other religion. Even within the Hindu religion people said, “We don’t want religion, we don’t want temple, we don’t want god.” Alike their saying they made many resolutions in conferences and those resolutions accepted, followed, propagated and celebrated by many Indian people. Readers might know these too.

Apart from this, reader might know another great revolt. It was to reveal that congress, nationalism and Gandhian thoughts were just giving priority to the wealthy people, higher caste people and educated people but, not to the poor, labourers, Scheduled Caste people and Backward Caste people.  People opposed Gandhi and the congress by showing black flag and offered black garland to Gandhi and raised slogans to let Gandhi and the Congress down! down!

Therefore, after these oppositions made them to ‘campaign for untouchability eradication’, ‘harijan service’ and ‘temple entry’ because they don’t have option for any other agitation. Even these too were considered to spread Hindu religion.  They were revolting by mentioning only Hindus have to take part in this campaign and named it as pure Hindu religious propaganda.

If we look at their ways of propagation, one will be saying there is no evidence for untouchability in religion and other will be saying that there is evidence of existing untouchability in religion; one may say, if untouchability was abolished caste system might be spoiled and other may say, if untouchability was abolished caste would not get affected; one may say, if untouchability was abolished Varna system will be abolished and other may say, if we would not follow untouchability temple’s purity will be affected; other may say, if purity of the temple effected it will be retained; these kind of irrational propagations were taking place.

We all know that Comrade Gandhi continuously speaking about things like, beef eaters are not eligible to allow inside the temple and if they enters the temple it should be cleaned and he speaks supporting the caste system, Varna system and Varnashrama based duties.

Comrade C.S. Rangayiyar got fame for giving untouchability eradication bill in the Indian legislative council. In his introductory speech, at Delhi Untouchable conference ensured that his bill will take care of not disturbing the caste system and to preserve the Varna system.  These too were published in dailies we are not making any fake news.

Comrade Pandit Malviya made plan to give temple entry for untouchables, but to get temple entry he wants untouchables to wear sacred thread, to stop beef eating practice, to stop consuming alcohol, to know any one of the mantra like tulasi maalai ashtara mantra or Ruthra panchatchara mantra, to get theetchai, snana, jabam and thapas. It was mentioned by him in his “untouchability eradication campaign”

Comrade Rajagopalacharya, in his untouchability eradication campaign he gives examples of ‘nandan’, ‘thirupaanan1 and details of how they were got temple entry. This is how the untouchability eradication campaign taking place. We are questioning, “Is there any untouchability eradication roots are seen anywhere in these services and revolts?”

We come to know that comrades in self-respect movement were being blamed by congress and common people for not cooperating with the congress in the “untouchability eradication campaign”. Do real-genuine untouchability eradicators will like to join in these kinds of tricky campaigns? Think about it. Instead of explaining, what is the reason behind the idea untouchability, a person not to touch another person? Why are they speaking about varnashiramam, caste system, beef, panchacharam, aashtacharam, Nandan, paanan? Think about it.

This is a trick to save their religion and caste whenever they get opportunity; is there any truth and good will in this? Think again, whether the people who want to do good things for the society and who understood the evil caused by religions and castes could able to join this campaign?

If they question, don’t you want any principle or plan to lead social life for the global cause? We too accept it is necessary. But we are saying that it should be the same (equality) for everyone.

Therefore, Can you see the above principle “it should be equal for everyone” is presence in any of their untouchability eradication’s propagandas like temple entry and development? No. Think about it.

Moreover, if you consider how long this insurgence is going to happen? You will know the truth. This is for the purpose of stop the untouchable people from getting separate electoral rights [almost done] and until this decision (Poona Pact) without opposition, to be pass in the legislative assembly they will just show untouchable people by tricking they were doing good for them, and they were doing this to stop untouchable people to think and worry about the separate electoral rights (Poona Pact). To avoid oppositions from untouchables, Muslims and Christians, they were conducting so called political reforms as such All Party Conference, Hindu Muslim Conference and untouchability eradication. If the bill passes in assembly Congress and higher caste people will say, “Kaiyai valai parpom” (“let’s hit me” in rude manner) no doubt about it.

Therefore people who realized religion and caste is hostile to human progress, unity and equality have little to do with today’s untouchability eradication, religious neutrality and religious unity conference and they also need to outsource its internal premises and its impacts.

Translated by, Kaliyaperumal

Comrade Periyar, Kudi Arasu – 05.02.1933


[1]Thirupaanan – Vaishnavism is one of a branch in Hindu religion. They consider Sriranga Perumal as their primary god. Thirupaanan is one of the serious devotees of Perumal. He lived during eighth century B.C., he belong to lower caste. Instead of protest against the discriminatory practices like “untouchables are not allowed inside temple” he lived his life praising the Perumal. Once, in priest’s dream Srirangam Perumal has came and asked him to call Thripaanar. Even though the Perumal’s wish, he didn’t get inside the temple with his foots. He didn’t opposed discriminatory religious practice as such Dalits not allowed to temple. Instead he entered inside the temple, sitting over Brahmin’s neck/harms and praised Perumal through his songs. Hindus accepted Thirupaanan and given him image of Mahan (monk) because Thirupaanan accepted the Varnashramam, caste discrimininations.

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