We appreciating Kamarajar for minimalizing the government leaves Vinayaga Chathurthi, Krishna Jayanthi and Aavani Avittam as not as government leave.

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Views of Self-Respect Movement’s on Kamaraj through Dravidar Kazhagam’s resolutions

Remembering Thiru.Kamaraj on his 117th birthday, he several time served as Minister and CM of Tamil Nadu from 1954 to 1963

Ramanathapuram District’s Dravidar Kazhaga Conference held on 22.07.1956 at Sivagangai

Resolution 4: We request the Tamil Nadu government to help the match box work which improving the peoples life and to take steps to produce the source material for match box factory in our own state (Tamil Nadu).We insist our Tamil Nadu government to provide NGO employees an equal amount of salary- allowance like central government employees; we appreciating, the Chief Minister Thiru.Kamaraj to approving their basic requirements and we requesting the Chief Minister to immediately implement those offer.Resolution

5: We appreciating the administrator (Chief Minister K.Kamaraj) for providing free meals for poor school children in village; also we request him to implement this policy in all other villages. – Source: ‘Vidhuthalai’, 25.07.1956

Trichy District Self-Respect Conference held on 12.03.1961 at Ponmalai

Resolution 1: We appreciating Chief Minister Thiru.K.Kamaraj for implementing Primary education as compulsory, free education, school uniform, books, providing scholarship for college education and technical studies, doing rare acts to develop Tamilians in education field and also happy about 1929 Chengalpattu Conference resolution been fulfilled in good way.

Resolution 5: We appreciating Tamil Nadu Kamaraj government for minimalizing the government leaves based on festivals and declaring Vinayaga Chathurthi, Krishna Jayanthi and Aavani Avittam as not as government leave. We are requesting the government to even reduce more number of religious festival leaves.

Resolution 10: We appreciating Thiru.K.Kamaraj for enacting the law that institutions related to god(religion) should not supposed to hold more than 200 acre of wet land; and also we demand him to reduce 200 acre by impose new law.- Source: ‘Viduthalai’, 12.03.1961

Alandhur God Abolishing Conference, 23.08.1964
Resolution 4: We appreciating Nehru and Kamaraj who are not considering God and religious dharma, which is being an obstacles for human growth and leading in socialism with great courage and we informing all the people to support their Congress party. Source: ‘Viduthalai’, 27.08.1964

Madurai District Self-respect and socialist conference held on 27.11.1966 at Thamukkam Ground

Resolution 1: We appreciate leader Kamaraj for escaping in a murderous trial which planned on 7th November 1966, in capital city Delhi by Paarpan Sankarachari and nirvana goondas who lives with the financial support of rich whales. – Source: ‘Vidhuthalai’, 04.12.1966

Thanjai District Dravidar Kazhaga Conference held on 03.12.1966

Resolutions 1: On 07.11.1966 Delhi Sankaracharys, janasangis, Rastriya Swayam Seva members, enemies of socialism goondas Paarpans rowdies in the name rich whales and in the name of “cow protection”  engaging in heinous acts like torching and looting; alike their previous plan that they tried to light using petrol over equality protector, respected Thiru. Kamaraj. We warn them.We full-heartedly appreciating respected Thiru. Kamaraj, who escaped from Paarpana goonda’s murder attack.We request government to immediately ban Jana Sangam, Rastriya Swayam Seva Sangam which works under the cover of cultural institutions. – Source: ‘Viduthalai’, 31.07.1966

Translated by J.Kayalvizhi – Thanks: “Namathu Kurikol” Book by Dravidar kazhagam

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