Women's Rights

periyar maniammai Man treats woman as his own property and not as a behind capable of feelings, like himself.

Why were woman prevented from receiving education?

It was to prevent their emancipation and to make them slaves under the pretext that they did not have intelligence and ability.

The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlords treat servants and the high - caste treat the low - caste .

These treat them so demeaningly only in situations mutually affecting them; but men treat women cruelly and as slaves, from their birth till death.

Women in India experience much worse suffering, humiliation and slavery in all spheres than even the untouchables.

Because we do not realize that the subjugation of women leads to social ruin, that society which should grow, goes on declining day by day, in spite of its capacity for reason.

Each woman should learn an appropriate profession for herself, so that she is able to earn. If she is able to eke out a living at least for herself, no husband will treat her as a slave.

A woman is for the male, a cook for himself; a maid for his house; a breeding farm for his family and a beautifully decorated doll to satisfy his aesthetic sense. Do enquire whether they have been used for any other purpose.

The slavery of women is only because of men. The belief of men that God created man with superior powers and woman to slave for him and woman's traditional acceptance of it as truth are alone responsible for the growth of women's slavery.

The boy and the girl are matched before marriage, not on a consideration of compatibility in appearance, mutual affection, proper understanding and similar education, but on whether the girl will be obedient and be a good slave to the boy, much in the same manner as we do when we buy cattle.

The implication of the sacred knot is that from the time it is tied, the boy accepts the girl as his slave, and she also agrees to be a slave to him. Thus, the husband can treat his wife in whatever manner he likes, and none has the right to question him, nor is there punishment for him if he misbehaves.

The women of today, despite their education, wealth, sophisticated knowledge, dignified relatives and a comfortable life, behave in a very conventional and backward manner, even worse than rustic girls and this causes us pain. How can there be human dignity in the children that are born to these women and brought - up by them?

Our women should change from considering themselves as slaves by birth.

Women! Be brave! If you change, it is easy for your husbands and other men to change. Men throw the blame on you, saying that you are backward. Do not subject yourselves to that accusation. In future, instead of your being described, 'she is so - and - so's wife', your husband must be described, ' so - and - so is the husband of this lady '!

Women who are pampered by their husbands and who succumb to the craze for jewellery and apparel and to the appeal of femenine beauty and fashions , and those that are rich and proud , will be satisfied with their slavish existence , and they will not serve to reform the world .

The main reason for women being derided and their being considered as mere objects of pleasure for men is that they make themselves up in obscene manner.

Even those women who consider themselves. Fashionable and sophisticated, look upon themselves as cultured, merely by putting on fine dresses and wearing fine jewellery, and by making themselves up attractively. They do not realize that living on equal terms with men is what makes for civilized life.

The term 'primary teachers ' may first of all be applied to women, because, for children under the ages of 6 and 7, they are really the primary teachers.

Despite there being a Goddess of Learning and a Goddess of Wealth in Hindu religion, why do they not grant women their education and right to property?

Women should be given a generous education in rational knowledge and world affairs, and they should have no access to literature or history or stories that give rise to superstition and fear.

Among the many reasons for the subjugation of women, the most important one is that they lack the right to property.

The tyranny of the male is the only reason for the absence of a separate world in our languages for describing the ' Chastity ' of men.

The cruelty perpetuated in the name of chastity that a wife should put up with even the brutal act of the husband should be abolished.

If a woman can not have the right to property and the liberty to love whomsoever she chooses, what is she but a rubber -doll for the selfish use of man?

To insist that chastity is only for women and should not be insisted upon for men , is a philosophy based on individual ownership ; the view that women is the property of the male determines the current status of a wife .

If our literature have all been written for the sake of justice and disciplined conduct, then, should not all the conditions imposed on women be applied to men too?

In this world, qualities like freedom and courage have been claimed solely as 'masculine ' Men have concluded that these characterized the 'superiority of the male '.

As long as male superiority survives in the world, the subjugation of women will continue. Until women put an end to the principle of male domination, it is certain that they will have no freedom.

To give man freedom of sexual selection, and to permit him to take as many wives as he likes, gives rise to promiscuity.

To give man freedom of sexual selection, and to permit him to take as many wives as he likes, gives rise to promiscuity.

Others advocate birth - control, with a view to preserving the health of women and conserving family property; but we advocate it for the liberation of women.

If a man has the right to claim a woman, then women also should have the right to claim a man. If conditions are imposed for the worship of man by woman, let there be conditions imposed for the worship of woman by man.

Men's 'endeavour ' for the emancipation of women only perpetuates woman's slavery and hampers their emancipation. The pretence of men that they respect women and that they strive for their freedom is only a ruse to deceive women. Have you ever seen any- where a jackal freeing the hen and the lamp, or the cat freeing the rats, or the capitalists freeing the workers?

Do not train women for doing such slavish work as attending to household chores ; decorating the floors ; making cow - dung pats , washing utensils ; group dancing ( Kummi ) and dancing with batons ( Kolattam ) .

Our superstitions are the major reason for the defects and indignities of our society today. If our women have so much superstition, what about their children? Any reform gains strength if it comes from women.

Today's women are satisfied or get satisfied or get satisfied by mere fashionable make - up. Therefore they have very little urged for their liberation.

In child marriages are abolished and provisions exist for divorce , widow ' s re - marriage , intercaste marriages and for the right to marry by one's own choice , then 90 per cent of the prevailing prostitution will disappear .

Man can live without woman, but every woman thinks that she can not live without man. If we inspect the reason for this, we find that because of the problems of child bearing, women are unable to demonstrate that they can live without men. As men have no such burden, they are so placed as to declare that they can live without women, besides, problems of maternity make women seek the help of others and this gives rise to male domination. Therefore, for true emancipation of women, they should be completely freed from the bother some obligation of child - bearing.

-Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.

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