Mr. Irving Levy writes in The Truthseeker

The question frequently arises as to whether the clergy as a whole are not in the moron class. Their infantile attitude towards the problems of life and their absurd standards of conduct justify such an inquiry. Here is the mental pabulum they serve as culled from their sermons of Sunday, March 24 and reported in the New York Press of the following day.

Read and weep or laugh, as the spirit moves you.

No. I

One hundred and twenty people were burned to death while viewing a picture at a cinema theatre in Vladimir, Russia. At the public funeral the village priest relived himself of the following during the course of his sermon:

“This would never have happened in the old days when men feared God. It is a judgment upon an unbelieving generation. The victims who perished in the flames died quickly. But what about the eternal flames of hell that await sinners and blasphemers and those who deny god’s name?”

Bless you, dear priest, for your sweetness of character.

No. 2

Theology and nonsense hold close kinship. A perfect example is the following vaporizing of Rev. R. A. Brown of the New York Glad Tidings Tabernacle:

“Electricity is the best agent by which we can illustrate the workings of the Holy Ghost. Electricity can do almost anything. The same is true of the Holy Ghost.”

Cross word puzzlers and mental magicians, get busy and try to make sense out of this verbiage.

No. 3

While the next exhibit is not a clergyman he might readily be mistaken for one. The speaker is Supreme Court Justice Callaghan, the gathering the Bible class in Brooklyn. He stated that Bible classes reduced criminality and added this amazing statement:

“Every man should go to church whether he believes in God or not for the good example he is setting for the youth”.

A splendid instance of important role hypocrisy plays in religion!.



No. 4

Bishop J. L. Larned of Long Island got away with this one:

“The existence of hospitals and the changed status of women in the modern world and similar matters are the result of Christian influences”.

Do not Biblical teachings advocate healing by prayer, and do not Paul and the Christian fathers literally wipe the floor with woman? And do not the facts of history belie these pious assertions?

What is a mere untruth among religionists!

No. 5

For temerity, this specimen arouses admiration.

The Rev. J. S. Durkee of Brooklyn very modestly says:

“The plan and program of Jesus Christ are the last words in financial, social political and religious wisdom”

Away with all schools, teachers, books, and studies. Let us follow Jesus

– to chaos.

No. 6

The Rev. R. Norwood of Park Avenue Church can shake hands with his brother priest from Vladimir, Russia. In his sermon he said: “The World War is an example of how God may bring a scourge to stop blasphemy”, and then warns his audience that God is prepared to wreak his vengeance today for misdeeds, making specific reference to the oil scandals of Washington.

Nice prospect! Will the Lord limit his punishment solely for the guilty ones?

Thus speak the representative clergymen of an enlightened section of our country. And millions of misguided people look to this class for guidance.

- Revolt, 29 May 1929

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