• Abolition of God
                  The foremost task of a patriotic or humanistic government, public service organisation or individuals with social consciousness is to make the people of this country intelligent and awaken their rational thinking.             Efforts must be made to improve the standard of living of the people who must be freed from worries and shortcomings and for the establishment of economic and...

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    The Concept of God……..?
                  There is no evidence or authority to find out who first spoke on the concept of God. But it can be perceived that for us (Tamilians) Dravidians, the ideas of God was imposed by the Aryans.             The proof for the fact that we (Tamilians) did not have a God before the Aryans is that there was no Tamil word...

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                Respected Chairman, Elders and comrades             The subject matter ‘God’ can be considered as insignificant or extremely important. For ordinary people, there is much indifference in the subjects of God, religion and discussions on political philosophy or doctrines. But for scholars these are matters of great purport which must be analysed thoroughly and minutely.             If...

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    On God
      The purpose of this essay on God is to find out whether the behaviour and the attitude of mankind, with reference to God and because of that reason, is correct or necessary.             The first aim of the essay: Is it is necessary for people to tell people to save God, to clarify if God is one or several, in one...

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  • On Religion
    Religion is a regulatory discipline. A person, who is religions, even if he is very intelligent, has to obey that discipline: but he does not have any other use from it. For one with a religious disposition, what is acquired in the name of religion, ideas like God, liberation or heaven, hell, veda, religious order, religious headship all had come...

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    Concept of Religion
      Generally, the words religion and pathways are taken in good sense, and they were originally brought into existence for the common welfare of the human society. Religion and Pathways (marga) are for laying down norms for the betterment of human life.             Just like the members of a library, recreation club or any association, to decide upon the nature and conditions of...

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    Hindu Religion
      Mr. President, Sisters and Brothers:             Generally and especially, among the people of Hindus, hardly one person among a thousand has knowledge and that too limited knowledge about what is God, what is proper protection of values, what is religion and what is the moral order or dharma to be followed. There is nothing more degrading than this state of affairs...

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    Fraudulent Religion
    Mr. President, Sisters and Brothers:             I have been saying that the so-called politicians and nationalists in the name of politics, have been cheating and ruining common people for their selfish interests: no less than these politicians, people belonging to the priestly or Brahmin community cheat us in the name of religion, break our unity, loot the wealth we have earned...

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  • The Atrocity of Hinduism
                  We have written many times that there is no such thing as Hindu religion, that in order to earn their livelihood Brahmins had written a number of falsehoods and lies to cheat the fools, called them as religion, vedas and sastras. With the help of some dishonest, stupid people from amongst us and by...

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    The Philosophy of Hinduism
                   In a school run by ‘Tirupathi Devasthanam Funds”, Tirupathi, the authorities have refused permission for non-brahmin students to study Sanskrit literature in the class. When the public brought this to the notice of Mahat, the Devasthanam official, he said that he did not know about it. When Miss Mayo, in ‘Mother India’ book wrote...

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    The Brahmin’s Dharma (Code of Righteousness)
                  The Brahmin Preceptor Sankaracharya has said the following on Hindu dharma -(‘Dinamani’ 27.2.1969):             “Hindu religion is very ancient. It originated even when the world originated. The Hindu Dharma (Code of Righteousness) states that everyone must adhere to duties enjoined upon them and uphold sanatana (ancient) dharma.”             He proceeds: “A religion is what a person determines to have as his...

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                  Religion is a matter fit to be analysed and researched. Mankind used to live separately in forests as animals; When it changed and humanity began to progress and began to live in huts, it required some regulations to live together. If people who live separately, have to do some thing for the common good, they have to form an...

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  • Are the Suppressed Class People Hindus?
                  We have been saying for a long time that Hindu religion means Aryan religion and Hindus are Aryans. Therefore, we have been telling that we Dravidians should not call ourselves as Hindus nor say we belong to Hinduism. Accordingly, in 1940 in the Justice Party’s provincial conference, under my (Periar) chairmanship, a resolution was passed deciding that we Dravidians...

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                  “Even though you consider it an honour bestowed on me to inaugurate the use of this well, frankly I do not feel happy to do this work. In fact I consider it a very painful act to participate in this function. My opinion is that it is an atrocity to dig a separate well for the Adidravidas. Constructing separate...

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    Who are the Suppressed Class People?
      Friends!             Today in this annual day celebrations, U.P.A.Soudirapandian, N.Sivaraj, S.Gurusamy, T.N.Raman, Kunjithm, Vidwan Munisamy, Arockiasamy and Kalyanasundaram have spoken. With my speech I think the annual day would come to an end. But most of the speakers have covered whatever I wanted to speak. Therefore, you may think that I may not talk much. You must be very united. You...

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    Caste System
                  Nowhere in the world we find people of the same country divided into so many castes (divisions) based on (the accident of) birth as in India.             Generally, ‘caste’ system among the Hindus –only among people who are enslaved to aryan principles, proclaimed to be ‘created by God’—has the basic division of people into four castes, brahmins, kshatriyas, vaisyas and...

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  • On Caste
                  Those who want to protect the multi castes-system! We stated that the reason for original four castes, in course of time multiplying into 4,000 castes was inter mixture of one caste with the other. Still there are people among us, those who are called ‘velalars’ accept the original system of four castes, that is brahmin,...

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      Mr. Chairman, Sisters and Brothers!             Ever since man began to have thoughts on the existence of God we have also had ideas of high-castes and low-castes. In the name of God, high and low caste ideas have been floated and sustained. In Hinduism, whether in vaishinivite or saivite sub-sect, can you show castes without discrimination, higher or lower order Gods,...

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    The Functioning of Caste System
      Mr. President and friends!             You would expect me to say a few words while I inaugurate this conference. You know my views on oppressed people. If you want to liberate the oppressed people from the atrocities imposed on them by others, it must be considered as a revolutionary work. Because the conditions of the oppressed people have been based on...

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    Down with Caste System!
      Sisters and Brothers!             No good or benefit will come to you by associating with any caste. The Hon’ble Minister, who is seated nearby, though the Premier of this Presidency, though has the merit to be a Minister in the Central government, though belongs to a great velalar community, he is categorised only as a low caste person. Above him there...

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  • What will you do when you are driven to accept the fact that the caste system can not ...
    The introductory speech rendered  by Periyar at Thanjai conference on 3.11.1957 My dear comrades! Beloved mothers! Last time when we met at Trichy to attend  Dravidan Party Cental Administrative Governing  Committee, you all can very well   easily recall  our  proposed resolution to burn Indian constitution and Gandhi photos.   Majority of the members felt that instead of passing  the resolution at the party...

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    The Demise of Nagammal
      My beloved wife and an endearing lover Nagammai breathed her last at 9.45 p.m.         on the 11th of May, 1933. Shall I feel miserable or be merry? Does the demise of frail Nagammal prove to be a loss or gain? Arriving at a decision in this context is next to impossible. However, I have lived in all these 35 years after having...

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    I, E. V. Ramaswamy, have taken upon myself the task of reforming Dravidian Society
    About Myself ? I, E. V. Ramaswamy, have taken upon myself the task of reforming Dravidian Society so that it shall be comparable to other societies of the world, in esteem and enlightenment, and I am solely devoted to that service. I express, plainly and openly, thoughts which occur to me, and which strike me as right. This may embarrass a...

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    Rationalist that I am, I have no attachment whatsoever to God, religion, literature or language.
    Are my ideas admired or rejected? Are they considered lofty or low? I do not bother. My life's aim is that my views, however bitter they are to others, should only express truth. From my tenth year onwards, (as far as I can remember), I have been an atheist. I have no faith in caste or rituals. In matters of public conduct,...

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Self Respect


We are fit to think of ' Self - respect ' only when the notion of superior and inferior caste is banished from our land.

Religion, politics, economics and social life in India are based only on class distinctions. That is why some live high and many are constrained to live low in society. People have also lost their sense of self - respect.

He who does not care for dignity, is no better than to a prostitute, however education he is. His education will only endanger those that care for dignity.

If any one wishes to serve society, on the basis of humanism, what he should do first is to make people think and conduct themselves rationally.

Because man has been compelled to have faith and trust in a mysterious God, he is now made to believe all the lies about Him.

Man does not grow by merely accepting whatever others have said. However, do listen to others, but later think with the help of your reason. Accept and try to follow what appears right to you.

The aim of a genuine self - respect movement is to change whatever appears to be adverse to man's feelings of self - respect.

That which enslaves you to customs of the world to orthodoxy, to the rigours of religion, contrary to your rationality and awareness of truths of experience, is what I shall describe as antagonistic to self - respect.

This all- important awareness of self - respect. Based on feelings of dignity and indignity, may be deemed man's birth - right, as the word 'man' is itself a word based on dignity. Therefore, he who is called 'man ' embodies dignity in himself, and only through his right to this dignity, reveals his human qualities. That is why ' self - esteem is his birth - right.

Man must remove by himself his feelings of inferiority, the feeling that he is lesser born than other beings, and attain self -confidence and self - respect.

If people imbibe feelings of genuine self-respect it will automatically set right political, nationalism and also theology.

It is not possible that legislation and the process of franchise by themselves can bring about reformation and self - respect.

In Western countries, self - esteem is needed only in the sphere of economics. But we need it in religion, society, education, Knowledge, research handicraft. Politics, economics and in several other fields.

What our people need now is not only education, but also awareness and self - respect. Feeling of self - respect, the ability is what we need most today.

Man must hold his personal respect and dignity as preciouses as his life.

We can confront a thousand self - respecting people. But it is a difficult task to grapple with one who is without self - respect.

-Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.


Many crores of rupees are squandered in this country by way offering gratitude to God and bribing Him to gain greater and greater wealth.

Our economic disparities are due to God, religion and dogma. You will ask me how. If some one is asked how he became rich, he would not say he earned by his own ability, but by the Grace of God or by the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The pity is that others believe him.

It is of equal importance that people should be freed from social as well as economic evils.

The desire for and the pre - occupation with seeking wealth consume the entire life of a person. Competition in earning money, and rivalry in showing off as a rich person and acquiring comparable influence, sap all the energy of a person.

If I were a king, even for a short while, I would first of all make a law, imposing the death sentence for squandering wealth at weddings. I will say that the wasting of wealth is a major disease that afflicts India.

Those who suffer by spending beyond their income cannot live honestly and are a menace to the country.

In the present set - up, man can not live quit honestly, without money on hand. The object destitution and the greed for lucre are the reasons for a man becoming a betrayer, a rogue or one who commits branch of trust. Therefore, if money, earned honestly, even if is little, is conserved, there is no necessity to suffer, or to take to wrong ways.

There are no politicians who do not shed tears on the economic condition of India. If that is true, why then are thousands and tens of thousands are being allowed to be spent on what is really one - minute ceremonies, such as marriages contracted on the utterance of some four lines.

Wealth is the common property of the world. All the people have a right to enjoy it, as their own. They have a common right to it, as long as they live; so also they have a responsibility to preserve it.

Usury is a cruel business. If another name is to be given to it; it is tyrannous legalized robbery.

Considering the conditions in the country, I give top priority to the removal of mean communal discrimination; next comes the removal of mean communal discriminations; next comes the removal of economic disparities.

The budget of the Government is not like that of a family which can plan its expenditure according to its income. But the Government should assess what the needs of the people are, arrive at the taxes, and plan accordingly to seek its income.

Day by day, mankind is going towards a climate in which people are devoid of the good traits of decent conduct, honest and a commitment to fairness. The abolition of the right to property is the only remedy.

It is true to some extent that man is not without selfishness and a hankering for recognition; but to amass wealth as a means for this is not natural.

-Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.


The Youth are like children. They are captivated by the immediacy of a situation. They are not aware of what is to come in the future. They are attracted by what they see. Whatever there is an awakening, wherever there is a crowd and gaiety, they are drawn to them, and when these disappear, they simply forget them.

Mere enthusiasm, courage and a sense of sacrifice alone will not do in the youth. The Youth can be of service only when they have the capacity to discriminate the good from the bad, the possible from the impossible, and to reflect and ponder dispassionately.

The period of youth is a dangerous and a highly inflammable one, and so it should be carefully safeguarded.

The youth are not trained to think for themselves. They have no opportunity to use their reason. They are not trained to acquaint themselves with knowledge and experience. As long as this situation does not change, they cannot take their own decisions, based on their own thought and enquiry.

Young men should be bent upon putting an end to all the religious superstitions and fraud.

Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.


What should be done, if everyone is to have enough food?

If none consumes more than what is needed, than, there will be enough food for all.

All factories and their management should be Governmental, like the administration of the posts, the Telegraphs, the Railways and the public works. Not a single capitalist should exist in the country. No single individual should be our master.

The principle of communism should come into force in the present day world if people are to live in peace and contentment, free from worries and difficulties and from being deceived by each other. In this there is no place for luck. But our efforts should not bring about the least of personal suffering and desolation to the common folk.

Though my aim is to demand economic equality, I believe that coveting other people's properties is an act that is worse than economic inequality. Therefore, it is the Government that should divine equitably by Law.

A single person should not have a vast-accumulated possession of land. A time will come when land will be distributed equally to all. If we cannot bring about the time soon, we should remain as path - finders in this.

If a condition free from tensions and discriminations is to established, a pattern of socialism for all alike should be created, to bring this about, the right to property should be abolished and property should be held in common.

Capitalism should be destroyed at the roots, if the cares and worries of the workers are to be put an end to.

The final aims of communism is to usher in a world - order in which the whole world is one family ; al its peoples are kith and kin ; and all the world 's wealth , its joys , comforts and pleasures belong to that family whose members have an equal share in the property .

The aim of offering succour to the poor is only to help to eradicate poverty from society, and not to create sluggards, by the offer of alms to one here, and another there.

-Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.



Man, unlike other animals, lives in a society of his own kind. Living as a social animal, he has to necessarily serve others, receive help from others, and be useful to society in some way or other. Thus, if an individual can be have service in some way or other. Thus, if an individual can be of service to society, he deserves to live. Otherwise, as one merely living to eat, what is the use of his existence?

The number of those who do selfless public service and those who serve without expecting any return should increase. Their sterling qualities should show the way to the people at large. Their life would be a model to show how man should conduct himself in public life.

Since birth and death are natural, people should conduct themselves in a praiseworthy manner during their span of life. People do not praise anyone for nothing. We should so act as to be worthy of praise from others.

To do all the good to others that one wishes to be done for himself is culture. Towards that end our work should be directly.

There is no pride in experiencing joy in sensual pleasures. The best delight is that which is felt in service. Life for to be lived for oneself alone. It should be for the people and for doing service.

All that I request is that you should serve the people in order to contribute to reason and knowledge. If not, man will begin to walk on all fours, forgetting the real function of his force limbs.

One should consider his dignity and prestige only in his personal affairs. In matters of public interest and in service, he should ignore them.

If those engage in public affairs think of their own dignity, then it is evident that they are exploiting a public cause for their person prestige.

Those in public life should have a more than fair measure of honesty, discipline, determination and spirit of service.

Just as a man reacts in the same way to pain in any part is leg or ear or nose or stomach or bone, he should likewise experience the woes and difficulties of any individual in the world as though they have happened to him. Depending on the intensity of his involvement, corporate living and feelings of oneness will emerge.

When those who declare "we are here to protect women and children, for that is our duty and goal", enter public affairs, genuine ideals and common cause are spoiled. Also their public service has to be considered dishonest.

Every one thinks that public property is there to be embezzled. People with such thoughts can never be fit for public administration.

After one's death, the land he has accumulated, no longer remains his, but belongs to his son: this is natural but selfless service alone can be called one's own.

One who serves society truthfully, without cunning earns natural praise, which is indeed due to him.

Virtue consists in doing well to others and that is true service. Without this serving others, for the sake of salvation or to fulfill superstitious observances, will not give real pleasure.

Tolerating the criticism of other is the true test of our public service.

The trials that occur to one who does public service are the price he pays for his ideals.

Service is not done in return for wages, or for selfish reasons. It is done solely to derive pleasure and satisfaction from the benefit derives pleasure and satisfaction from the benefit derived by others.

That which concerns the selfish interests of all people, becomes a common cause that is capable of uniting all.

The real characteristic of service is that, without sacrificing principles till the end. One should stand steadfast by them, and serve, unperturbed and unmindful of pain, blame and loss.

It is not easy to do public service. Service to God and Nation can be done by anyone. Because one encounters meanness, opposition and indignities in public service. None comes forward to do this service.

- Comrade Periyar - Original source: Dravidarkazhagam.

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"பார்ப்பான், சூத்திரன், பறையன் என்கிற ஜாதி அமைப்பு இருக்கிற வரையில் இந்த நாட்டில் ஒரு இஞ்ச் அளவுகூட முன்னேற்றம் காண முடியாது என்று உறுதியாகக் கூறுவேன்" - பெரியார்


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